Professional photography to suit your business


We offer the following: 

Corporate Headshot's / Portraits - Perfect for your website, marketing & annual reports

Business premises photography or Location shoots (Indoors or Outdoors)

Interior shots perfect for local businesses or interior designers

                        Corporate Event Photography


Event Photography / Event Photographer

As an event photographer I cover many areas within the commercial world. Be it a corporate event with key note speakers to fun days or relaxed training days, I cover them all. The most essential part of event photography is to capture the mood and expressions of the guests. Given only one chance to get this right, we shoot quickly and unobtrusively to capture the event as naturally as possible.

very event is different, but no matter how big or small your event, you will need a photographer that can adapt and produce images quickly and creatively. 


You’re more than just a face…
As an actor, presenter, entertainer, or business professional, you'll know that your headshot is often the first point of contact for employers and associates. It is integral to ensure you make the right impression. You want an image that truly captures you, not just aesthetically but emotionally too.
The shoot…
Will be informal and relaxed. A session typically lasts around 90 minutes and can include as many dress changes and breaks as required. 4 changes of outfit is usually more than enough though. Sometimes, having too many changes can disrupt the flow.
I recommend clothing/tops that are quite plain and don't distract away from 'you'. Simple layering sometimes works well. It might also be worth considering what job/roles you'll be applying for, or how you want to be represented. Most of all, make sure you bring an item that is typically 'you' and is something that you feel good in.

I normally take about 250 images and I will send a dropbox file so you can then select the images you want to proceed with. These will be returned to you within 5 working days (more images can be edited at an additional cost). I do offer a 24 hour express service, if you need them urgently.
When you've made your selection, the shots will undertake a slight edit and will be subtlety re-touched, to ensure all your best features shine through, giving you an image that makes the most of your unique look and personality. Then, if you want any further alterations i.e. airbrushing just let me know and we can discuss further.


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